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Spotlight Review
The new look of Ikaboo

19 October 2007 -- Ikaboo Staff
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Ikaboo sports new look, new features same quality service

After nearly six months of design and re-design, the new look of the Ikaboo Consulting website is finally open for viewing.

Of the more noticeable features, users will find the flashy interface is more than just looks. Under the hood, the Ikaboo site now boasts real-time virus activity updates, news feeds, popular downloads, mobile computing and more.

With focus on Southeastern Michigan, events of interest to area businesses and information affecting technology in the area will also be common features.


Web ad blocking may not be (entirely) legal
As web browser add-ons that let people erase ads proliferate, legal experts wonder when the first lawsuit will be filed.

By Anne Broache and Declan McCullagh
Staff Writer, CNET
Published: September 14, 2007, 4:00 AM PDT

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Web ad blocking may not be (entirely) legalAdvertising-supported companies have long turned to the courts to squelch products that let consumers block or skip ads: it happened in the famous lawsuit against the VCR in 1979 and again with ReplayTV in 2001.

Tomorrow's legal fight may be over Web browser add-ons that let people avoid advertisements. These add-ons are growing in functionality and popularity, which has led legal experts surveyed this week by CNET to speculate about when the first lawsuit will be filed.

If ad-blockers become so common that they slice away at publishers' revenues, "I absolutely would expect to see litigation in this area," said John Palfrey, executive director of Harvard Law School's Berkman Center for Internet and Society. READ MORE...


Copernic Desktop Search 2.0
- The search engine for your PC. Find files and email with the power of a search engine right on your desktop.

Google Picasa - The easy way to share and manage your photos.

Windows Live - brings your online world together in one place, from news to photos to mail.

Easy-To-Do - Xanadu Tools specializes in productivity-enhancing tools for Windows.

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